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HMF VIC (all bets)
(as at 31/7/2023)
            WIN SR | 22%    AVG. WINNER PRICE | $5.31    POT (all bets) | +18.4%   
   Units Invested | 2357    Returned | 2790     PROFIT | +433u







  1. Cumulative units include only results for the period when tips with staking plans were available and distributed to paying members on the HORSEMILLER PTY LTD & platform (not prior to). Prior to this, paying members received tips and previews without staking plans. 

  2. Deductions have been applied to fixed odds for any final field bets impacted by scratchings. 

  3. A 6% deduction has been applied to recorded unit profits where price type is "Betfair late" or "Betfair SP", in line with relevant (max) commissions.

  4. The suggested price / price type is always stipulated to members at the time bets are published. Suggested price types can include 'fixed odds' (avail price published), 'BOB' (top fluc/tote), Futures (All in), 'Betfair SP' or 'Betfair late' price before the jump.

  5. Due to extreme member numbers and volatile markets between May '19 and May '20, pre-post 'fixed price' winners were recorded at a hybrid price being the av. of the fixed at the time the bet was posted and the Top Tote / SP, or BOB (50/50).

  6. All bets and previews are published via the private members twitter account, now a Telegram chat.

  7. POT = Profit On Turnover, SR = Strike Rate, SP = Starting Price

  8. Previous results do not guarantee future results, please gamble responsibly.

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