How does it work?



1. Select your preferred membership option below

2. If you don't have a Twitter account, get one here

3. Follow HMF @HORSEMILLER2021

4. Email your Twitter Handle to

Once approved...

5. Click on the HMF @HORSEMILLER2021 profile

6. Turn on mobile notifications (the bell)

7. If you don't have a TELEGRAM Messenger account, download one and message me your number.

8. I can then also add you to the Telegram chat group where late bets are posted.

Everything you'll need is then published to these accounts. Early selections, previews & staking plans with date, track, race, number, horse, price type, bet type are pushed via the private Twitter pages, giving equal opportunity to all HMF members. All price types are stipulated for members at the time bets are posted. Late bets are posted in the Telegram group.


COVID19 - If racing in Victoria is suspended for any period of time, all subscriptions will be paused and extended for the period lost.